Quality Systems and Auditing

Storti Quality Provides Quality Systems and Audits That Meet Requirements at Every Level

Storti Quality Auditing Services deliver value to clients by identifying deficiencies, minimizing defects and costly rework, thus improving each client’s bottom-line profitability.

Storti Quality ensures that utility companies and contractors Quality Management Systems are continuously reviewed, refined and maintained. These steps are essential to meet ever-changing federal and state regulatory requirements.

Our team’s 40 years of combined experience, paired with our unique status as Exemplar Global Certified Quality System Auditors, enables us to provide a level of responsiveness and proactive client support that massive, overpriced consulting companies cannot match.


  • Ability to provide real time data on project progress utilizing Field2Base
  • Prepare an audit schedule and plan outlining the audit process, dates, times and events
  • Review a pre-identified number of procedures and processes in each functional area
  • Prepare audit checklists to determine compliance in given areas
  • Conduct on-site audit entrance meeting with the management team
  • Conduct on-site audit of process requirements with Subject Matter Experts
  • Review audit notes and documents
  • Conduct on-site audit closing meeting with the management team
  • Prepare and issue audit report, and if required detailed Corrective Action and Nonconformity Reports

“Storti Quality has provided us guidance and direction for our Quality Assurance Program for more than 12 years. Storti’s knowledge of the process, attention to detail and awareness of our customers’ needs has helped to improve our program and has increased the awareness and knowledge of our staff. With the assistance of Ralph and his team we made the audit process with our customers almost routine.”

William Shaw, M. J. Electric, LLC

Vice President, Eastern Operations

“For over 10 years, Riggs Distler & Co., Inc. has found Storti Quality to be our go-to partner for any Quality Program related needs and services, specifically as related to our Utility Contracting activities. In addition, we have been extremely pleased with the Professional Staff Support personnel provided by Storti Quality.”

Manfred Konrath, Riggs Distler & Co., Inc.

Vice President Utilities