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Mobile Gas Training Unit



Mobile Gas Training Unit


Storti Quality can help you ensure your PE pipeline joints are sound by providing a mobile fusion training unit directly to your job site. Your operators will be able to comfortably train and test for their Operator Qualifications away from a dirt-filled trench and bad weather so they can focus on getting the melt temperature right; determining how much pressure should be applied to the fusion joint; establishing the best heat soak and dwell time for the best seam quality.

At Storti Quality, we provide solutions to all your concerns regarding polyethylene pipeline fusion training. Our mobile fusion training unit is designed to provide our clients in the gas distribution industry the ability to train their technicians on site. With Storti quality, we guarantee hands-on services that will enable our clients to learn the different techniques, the documentation and the procedures needed to ensure the proper fusion of polyethylene pipes.


Operator Qualification (OQ) Services Performance Capabilities

The enforcement of Operator Qualification Training (OQ) is embedded in the current pipeline safety statutes. According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) requirements, operators must be qualified to ensure the safe transport of hazardous liquids, gases and other pipelines and the burden of the body of qualified operators is on pipeline contractors and consultants.

Our courses provide a good balance between practical training and classroom education. They include

  • Electrofuse Coupling and Tee
  • Manual Butt Fusion
  • Hydraulic Butt Fusion
  • Mechanical Joining of Plastic to Cast Iron & Steel
  • Mechanical Joining of Plastic to Plastic
  • Tapping (Plastic)
  • CAD Welding
  • Line Locating and Mark Outs

Training Services

Storti Quality will serve your PE pipe fusion training needs. We provide easy-to-access training schemes right in your preferred training site. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough pipe fusion training, and depending on the level of experience, we have training schemes for

  • New Employee Training
  • Preparing Experienced Employees for Testing

Operator Evaluations

To ensure safety in the transportation of hazardous gases and liquids, operators in the gas transportation industry are required to have individuals who are trained and qualified. And it requires that their practices must be evaluated periodically. At Storti Quality, our standards are in compliance with the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) requirements. We operate under the following evaluation privileges

  • Hands-On Evaluations with Mock-Up Stations
  • Operator Testing Proctor
  • ITS Certified Evaluator
  • Northeast Gas Association Evaluator

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“Storti Quality Consulting has provided us guidance and direction for our Quality Assurance Program for more than twelve (12) years. Storti’s knowledge of the process, attention to detail and awareness of our customer’s needs has helped to improve our program and has increased the awareness and knowledge of our staff. With the assistance of Ralph and his team we made the audit process with our customers almost routine.”

William Shaw

VP Eastern Operations, M.J. Electric

“Storti Quality Services LLC has been providing construction inspection and quality control services for Norwich Public Utilities for 2 years. Storti has consistently met NPU’s expectations in providing qualified, reliable and professional construction inspectors. Storti’s management personnel is very competent, resourceful and responsive to our process requests and changes in operating procedures. We are very pleased with the level of service we have received from Storti. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with Storti for many years to come.”

Brian Hedler

Utility Project Engineer, NPU

“As an element to an existing contract with the local utility company, our Company was instructed to create a Quality (QA/QC) Plan which we did not have in place at that time. I chose Storti Consulting because they were highly recommended by other companies in the industry. In just a few months, our Quality Plan was designed to meet the requirements of our Utility Contract for all applicable policies, procedures, and standards. In the same time frame, it was also presented, approved and implemented, by the utility company. Our Storti QA/QC plan was designed to be multifunctional. It can be adapted to other areas of our business. By having this plan already in place, our company has the opportunity to pursue and acquire more business opportunities. Storti Consulting doesn’t stop there! They are always available to assist with any needs that we have for our QA/QC plan. The utility company, with whom we are affiliated, audits the Quality Plan bi-annually to adjust, modify, and make additions to it. Storti is available throughout the year to consult and revise the plan as needed, ensuring us an up to date QA/QC Plan. Thank you, Storti Consulting for all you do for our Company and the great plan that you designed for us.”

James Brun

Manager, Blair Park Services, LLC

"In the construction business for over 70 years, Arthur R. Henry, Inc. has experienced a dramatic change in the expectations from our clients. Working with Storti Quality Consulting to attain those expectations has been a seamless process. Storti’ s team approach in understanding not only our client’s expectations, but our business culture and philosophy has been exceptional. From proposal approach to final product deliverable, Storti Quality Consulting enhanced our business and will continue to do so for decades to come."

Tim Castellini

Business Manager, Arthur R Henry, Inc.

"For over 10 years, Rigs Distler & Co., Inc. has found Storti Quality Consulting, Inc. to be our go-to partner for any Quality Program related needs and services, specifically as related to our Utility Contracting activities. In addition, we have been extremely pleased with the Professional Staff Support personnel provided by Storti Quality Consulting, Inc."

Manfred Konrath

Vice President Utilities, Riggs Distler

“Crall products contacted Storti Quality Consulting for initial program building and certification of the very rigid process for API Q1 compliance and API monogram system. Storti Quality Consulting has been the most thorough and competent consultant Crall Products Co. has ever used. Everything provided to us including the education of compliance to our employees was superior in every aspect. On initial certification the majority of applicants do not receive certification. We at Crall Products Co. not only passed our initial inspection, there were no recommendations or concerns from the auditor. Every year since the initial certification we have passed with superior marks. Storti Quality Consulting will assure your company that it is in compliance with which ever program you wish to be certified to, and give you the knowledge to function on a daily basis. Storti Consulting is also forward looking so as to be prepared for the future”.

Chil Wilson

Vice President, Crall Products Co.

“Keeping up with a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program was a daunting task for us. We had a program in place early on because we “had” to have one. Once we decided that a Quality Program is not just an “on the shelf” dust collector, we wanted to develop a program that reflects all the best practices for our industry. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, then Storti Quality Consulting, Inc. stepped up to the plate and helped us develop a true QMS program that helps our company to continually excel in what we do and to show our customers that we are on the leading edge of our industry. Ralph has put together a team of experts that could truly help any company accomplish what they need to do to be successful. Thank you Ralph and your entire team for helping ULS get to where we need to be”.

Dan Sebesta

Compliance Manager, Utility Line Services, Inc.