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By: Peter Sheren

The ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System standard requires that an organization develop and communicate the quality policy, both with the organization and to relevant interested parties.  The need for communication is explicitly stated in Clause 5.2.2 “Communicating the quality policy”

During our years of assisting organizations in ISO9001 QMS development, Storti Quality has experience with numerous ways organizations have successfully achieved this requirement of the standard.  Here are some of the better methods we have encountered.

  1. Have the policy printed, signed and posted throughout the facility
  2. Have the IT department post the policy prominently on the company intranet page
  3. Enable all company computers to display the policy as a message on the screen protector
  4. Print the policy on the back of business cards
  5. Present the policy as an opening message at companywide communications meetings, preferably hosted by Top Management
  6. Include covering the policy as a standard check item during all internal audits and ask each employee interviewed how their work can positively, or negatively, affect it.
  7. Have the policy printed and laminated on card stock in business card format and distribute to all employees.
  8. Create a poster stating the policy with space for all employees to sign (then frame and display it in the cafeteria, break room or other employee gathering spot.
  9. Make quality policy awareness a performance review item
  10. Include a review of the policy at annual all employee safety trainings

As a side note-when providing the policy as any form of printed material be sure to reference it as documented information with a referenced revision to demonstrate proper document control.

Hopefully one or more of these methods may be useful to you in your ISO journey.

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