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By: Peter Sheren

It happens on a regular basis throughout all industrial sectors – You are informed that an outside entity will be sending in a team of auditors to verify your organizations ongoing compliance with the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.  Now, how will you ensure your team prepared to be audited given that they already are fully versed in all aspects of their work processes and the overall concepts of the ISO9001 standard.

There are many standard requirements that are consistent with versions of ISO 9001 over the years and are well know to the auditor and auditee communities.  Certainly, let your team members know (and practice, if necessary) the following:

  1. Quality Policy (and you don’t need to recite it verbatim)
  2. Work Instructions for the position
  3. Quality requirements for the position
  4. Quality Objectives (Job Specific and Companywide)
  5. Calibration requirements for equipment used
  6. Are all training records up to date?

Now, under the ISO9001:2015 standard let’s add some additional requirements that every employee should be aware of such as:

  1. Requirements of their business process
  2. Know your identified process risks and how to address them
  3. Who are your interested parties and how are you meeting their requirements?
  4. What are the special organizational knowledge issues that you have recognized and addressed?

These new sections of ISO have a direct impact on everyone in the organization and need to be understood before any external audit occurs. 

The best advice we can give is communicate with your employees as far in advance as possible and conduct some practice internal audits or team reviews to ensure everyone is on the page when audit day arrives.

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