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By Peter Sheren:

It is an unfortunate, but all too common occurrence that in the Management Review process of an organization the senior management team attends, listens and in the end delegates official responsibility to others.

So how can we get more involvement and more ownership from the managers in driving continuous improvement? One way would be to focus on several areas of the ISO standard and have each manager be responsible for reporting out on the status of each area for their particular functional department.

Each manager would prepare a status report and present on the following requirements that impact or otherwise affect their function.

  • Resources – How are they managing the requirements for people, equipment, software, environment, and IT/communications.
  • Risks and Opportunities – Present the current status of the most important to their function.
  • Interested Parties – How are they measuring and evaluating their needs.
  • Knowledge Management – Does their function have certain knowledge requirements that are critical? How are these being managed, controlled, and safeguarded?
  • Quality Objectives – What are the most important and what is being done to achieve them? And by when?

By setting up an agenda that addresses the requirements and involves senior management in ownership of the management system, the organization can truly get the most out of their management reviews. Management Review is now the responsibility of Top Management, no longer the company quality department. This        approach drives that responsibility where the true ownership resides.

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